Snakepool / Kanghyuk Lee

Snakepool / Kanghyuk Lee is a South Korean photographer who majored in fine arts. He is currently involved in many projects and exhibitions in collaborations with various institutions, groups and artists.


Kanghyuk Lee has been active as a photographer 'Snakepool' and has recorded various underground subculture scenes such as art, design, fashion, and queer. Snap images taken with light, fast, and cheerful flashes between ordinary and dangerous mixed with grotesque night views in the Seoul metropolitan area, including Seoul and Incheon, and a new generation, creating a scene like heterogeneous paintings through digital-correction work. These effects are a unique driving force for reconstructing images outside the narrative of a picture. /// Yul-Lee Yoon (Curator of Ilmin Museum of Art)

Solo Exhibitions
  • 2017 《Snakepool Down the Rabbit Hole》, Platform Place 629, Seoul
Group Exhibitions
  • 2022 《Seoul Slang Seendosi》, Produce: Haehgue Yang & Seendosi, Seoul
  • 2021 《Super Fine》, ILMIN Museum of ART, Seoul
  • 2020 《No Space, Just a Place. Eterotopia》, Daelim Museum, GUCCI, Seoul
  • 2020 《Hotel Express 284》, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
  • 2019 《No Live》, COSMO 40, Incheon
  • 2019 《Galleries Art Fair: Paranoid Park》, COEX C Hall, Seoul
  • 2018 《TasteView 趣味官》, Tastehouse, Seoul
  • 2018 《Zine Night》, Space 291, Seoul
  • 2018 《Blue bird Fotoshop》, Personal Workplace, Seoul
  • 2017 《The Cameraperson》, Gallery 175, Seoul
  • 2016 《THE SCRAP》, Seoul
  • 2016 《Reflecta of Realfeta》, Hapjungjigu, Seoul
  • 2016 《Eternal Summer》, Freckles, Seoul
  • 2016 《AMQ:#4-Subset》, Daelim Museum, D Project Space, Seoul
  • 2016 《POSTER ISSUE 2016 ‘On Poster’》, The Gallery, Seoul
  • 2016 《YOUNG SEOUL by POST SEOUL》, 29Center, Seoul
  • 2016 《Day for Night》, Korea National University of Arts Theory Gallery, Seoul
  • 2016 《THESE LIGHTS》, Lotte Avenuel Arthall, Seoul
  • 2015 《AMQ#3》, Mapo Lifelong Learning Center, Seoul
  • 2015 《GOODS 2015》, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul
  • 2015 《Birds》, Opera Coast, Seoul
  • 2014 《STRAIGHT, 19 Young Photographers》, Common Center, Seoul
  • 2013 《AMQ#2》, Platform Place 629, Seoul
  • 2012 《AMQ#1》, Lowrise, Seoul
  • 2016 THE SCRAP, Seoul
Books & Publications
  • 2019 <21C Girl>,Independent publishing
  • 2018 <Down the Rabbit Hole>, Vostok Press
  • 2016 <NIGHTGLOW {Prototype}>, Independent publishing
  • 2016 <Snakepool>, Independent publishing
  • 2022 Shin Hae Gyeong <최저낙원(the lowest paradise)>, bespok
  • 2021 Kirara <4>
  • 2019 Shin Hae Gyeong <Your Dream>, Awake
  • 2018 NCT Dream <GO>, SM Entertainment
  • 2018 Kirara <Sarah>,Earwire
  • 2017 Shin Hae Gyeong <My Reversible Reaction> <Pluto>, Young,Gifted & Wack Records
  • 2017 Wedance <We have a lot we want to do and you look like you have a lot you want to do>, Maansun
Awards and Features

2022    Foam Paul Huff Awards Nominee. (Amsterdam)


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